Leftovers bandMainly influenced by dumb jokes, teenage drama and the lesbian scene in American Pie, LEFTOVERS was formed in 2011. These spaghetti-eating Italians don’t take themselves too seriously, but their tight, melodic skate- and poppunk influenced sound is anything but a teenage joke. In fact, Leftovers is the perfect band that will remind you of your high school days and a time when life still made sense.

The band released their first EP “Kicked Out Of The League” in 2013. One year later they took shit to the next level by releasing “Dumber”. More catchy hooks, more fun and and an overall impressive signature sound. Accompanied by humorous music videos and crazy live shows the band gained recognition not only in Italy, but across the entire globe. Leftovers will release their third EP in the summer of 2015… of course on Morning Wood Records.

Leftovers: playing loud, fast and shitty music since 2011.

2013 – Kicked Out Of The League EP
2014 – Dumber EP (Morning Wood Records) Buy!
2015 – This Time Tomorrow (Morning Wood Records) Buy!

Daniel – Vocals & Bass
Tim – Vocals & Guitar
Giulio – Drums