The Liabilities

The LiabilitiesRising from Bognor Regis on the UK’s south coast in early 2007, THE LIABILITIES are a four piece punk rock band with a penchant for breakneck speed, beautiful melodies, close to the edge lyrics and slogans such as “slut infested drug punk for kids”. Noticeably influenced by the wave of Californian bands from the 1990’s, they released their debut record “Not For Your Nan” shortly followed by their first full length album “Failure Is Not An Option” on Gurnard Records, the bands self-funded label. By October of 2007 the band were playing extensively throughout the UK to promote the releases.

After a few years of instability in the drumming department the band settled and now possess an established punk rock recipe for destruction as they are arguably the fastest, funniest idiots on the UK Punk Rock scene (self-proclaimed). To cement this reputation the energetic posse embarked on recording their second full length album “Malignant Humour”, released again on Gurnard records in February 2013. To promote the record the band embarked on extensive UK tours and also took their first steps in mainland Europe with two small tours, as well as the usual selection of one off shows and weekenders.

In their time The Liabilities have enjoyed packing venues alongside such punk rock heavyweights as The Voodoo Glowskulls, Leftover Crack, Spunge, The US Bombs, The Filaments, Mad Sin, Citizen Fish, Assorted Jelly Beans, The Skints, Mouthwash, The Infested, Vanilla Pod, Wonk Unit, Jaya The Cat, The UK Subs, GBH, The Vibrators, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Beerzone, JB Conspiracy and the sensational Peter Andre.

Now the band embark on a new chapter of their illustrious career by signing to Morning Wood Records, where they are set to deliver themselves to superstardom with another full length album set for release in summer of 2015. So watch out for the Chunks (Chav punks) in a town near you soon.

2007 – Failure Is Not An Option
2013 – Malignant Humour Buy this!

Daniel Williams – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Bill No-good – Guitar & Backing Vocals
James Pitchford – Bass &  Backing Vocals
Jamie Boyce – Drums