“The Law Of Averages” by Hillview out now!

00 - Hillview - The Law of Averages-DigipakHillview is a new, hard hitting, in your face, melodic punk rock act hailing from the mighty City of Los Angeles, California. Featuring Union 13 guitarist Eddie Carasco on vocals and guitars, David Marin on drums, studio bass recordings by Union 13 bassist Edgar Jaramillo (and formerly Ten Foot Pole’s Chris Del Rio on bass duties), Hillview’s debut album “The Law Of Averages” is bound to come in hot!

So what is it? I’d say a mixture of catchy melodic punk rock, the speed and intensity of hardcore punk blended with the occassional finger lickin’ metal riff.

CDs will be sent to an address of your choice for €7,95 at our store. Wanna check it out first? Sure, go here!

“Nice Knowin’ Ya” by Twenty2 out now!

Twenty2 - Nice Knowin Ya 1334x1334After a 10-year hiatus the Quebec, Canada based punk rock / poppunk legends TWENTY2 are back for more! “Nice Knowin’ Ya” is the band’s brand new six-track EP, carefully crafted with love and mixed & mastered by Jason Livermore at the Blasting Room.

The brand of punk rock you ask? Think of a mixture of ALL, MxPx, Blink 182, Dynamite Boy and New Found Glory! Features guest performances by Stephen Egerton (Descendents) and Al Nolan (The Almighty Trigger Happy).

We got this banger on CD for only €4,95, so head over to the store since shipping worldwide for this CD is just €5,00! For the digital part, head over here.

Summer discount!!!

MWR - 30% Discount ImagesAlright people! We need to make some room in our inventory, so time for a little summer discount. It’s everyone’s favorite time of year, so fucking why not. You can get a 30% (!) discount on your entire order when you use coupon code “summer” while checking out at the webstore. Valid til september 30th. Will pitch in some goodies and extras with big orders as usual, so it’s almost like robbing us.

Happy shopping!

“Welcome To The Party, Pal” by The Siknotes out now!

The Siknotes - Welcome To The Party Pal 1400x1400“Straight up party punk, high catchyness factor, 90’s as fuck. Best served when you take every song with a pinch of salt….. a slice of lime, and a shot of Tequila.”

Yep, you’re absolutely right. That description entirely fits THE SIKNOTES! And we’re happy to let you their new album “Welcome To The Party, Pal” is out now on CD! Hugely recommended for fans of Pennywise, NOFX, Diesel Boy and Consumed!

There’s a deluxe 12″ gatefold release in three different colours on its way too! These ones will ship around June 10th. Check the store for all options! Can’t wait to hear what the Englishmen cooked up for you this time? Just go to our Bandcamp page here.

“Deux” by Hans Roofthooft & Red Cloud out now!

Hans Roofthooft Red Cloud - Deux 1400x1400We figured it was about time for a new acoustic release! Hans Roofthooft (F.O.D.) and Teun “Red Cloud” van Aerschot (Generation 84) have joined forces again and we’re stoked to present to you “Deux”! Two Belgian singer-songwriters who don’t need their bands at all to show excellent musicianship. You’ll love it, trust me.

Spoiler alert: contains a dangerously awesome acoustic version of a Undeclinable Ambuscade song among other covers which you’ll have to find out yourself!

Let the music do the talking! The CD is available for just €4,95 at the store! As usual, streaming and downloading can be found at our Bandcamp page here.

“Local Warming” by Sun-0-Bathers out now!

R-11588439-1518986630-4656.jpegFor everyone who likes their punk rock fast, catchy and sunny, look no further! Sun-0-Bathers got you covered with their first EP aptly titled “Local Warming”. Inspired by searing beaches, punk rock / baseball legend Scott Radinsky (Ten Foot Pole / Pulley) and 80’s and 90’s punk rock waves, Sun-0-Bathers are here to make some heads nod.

So what to expect? High speed melodic 90’s punk rock, lightning fast solo’s, and a modern approach of old-school slightly distorted vocals mixed with the occasional catchy “ooh’s and aah’s”. As if Zeke, Pennywise and Night Birds had an romantic affair with a quite pleasant lovechild as a result. Get your copy of “Local Warming” while they’re hot!”

Now here’s where you come in! Put on some sunscreen and grab a CD for just €4,95 at the store! If you need dem digital tracks cause you hang on the beach most of the time, go here.