“A Place To Call Home” by 69 Enfermos out now!

a0834842236_10“69 Enfermos pay tribute to the golden age of ’90s skatepunk. Anchored by a hard-charging base, the band drops double and tripled layere dmelodies over the top, resulting in a mix that is right up any Epifat fan’s alley.”


I’d wish to give a more fitting description, but I don’t believe there is one!

You can order “A Place To Call Home” on CD for €7,95 at our webstore.

For streaming and downloads, head over to our Bandcamp page!

“Lifetime” by 7Years out now!


The new full-length album “Lifetime” by Italian melodic punk rockers 7YEARS out now! Thirteen brand new tracks varying from straightforward 90’s / early 00’s skatepunk to hook-laden mid-tempo tracks.

Featuring guest vocals from none other than Joey Cape (Lagwagon) and Hans Roofthooft (F.O.D.). Pretty sure this is exactly your cup of tea!

You can order “Lifetime” on CD for €7,95 at our webstore.

For streaming and downloads, head over to our Inconsapevole Records!

“Oceans Apart” by Setbacks out now!

a1513096173_10Featuring (ex)-members of Pridebowl, Lowprofile, Wiseheimer, Delayed and Still Thinking, spread across four different continents, SETBACKS are without a doubt one of 2017’s most interesting punk rock bands.

Morning Wood Records is beyond excited to present the band’s debut album titled “Oceans Apart”. Fourteen mind blowing melodic punk rock tracks full of shredding guitars, thriving drums and hook-laden vocal lines and harmonies. Including guest perfomances by Étienne Dionne (Mute), Steven Rawles (Belvedere) and Paul Stevenson (Double Negative).

Pretty fucking awesome if I say so myself.

You can order “Oceans Apart” on CD for €7,95 at our webstore.

For streaming and downloads, head over to our Bandcamp page!

“Wheel’s Out The Window” by At Both Ends out now!

a0964936119_10Sacramento CA based ska(te)punk band AT BOTH ENDS have joined the Morning Wood family and to make things even more awesome, their full-length debut album “Wheel’s Out The Window” is out today! At Both Ends have been active since 2014 and their sound can be described as a mixture of sunny ska, melodic punk and tight 90’s skatepunk! Heavily recommended for fans of Less Than Jake, Pennywise, Rise Against and NOFX!

You can order “Wheel’s Out The Window” on CD for €7,95 at our webstore.

For streaming and downloads, head over to our Bandcamp page!

Setbacks “Oceans Apart” Pre-Order up now!

It’s official! SETBACKS‘ debut album “Oceans Apart” will coming out on Morning Wood Records on April 7th! CD Pre-orders are available for €7,95 at the webstore. All pre-orders include a free digital download of the album, which will be sent to you on the release day.

Setbacks sign to Morning Wood Records

We’re stoked to announce that SETBACKS have signed to Morning Wood Records to release their upcoming full-length debut album!


Setbacks is a new and exciting project consisting of 4 musicians and a front man all based in different countries / cities around the globe, featuring:

Aaron Goulding (ex-Pridebowl) – Front Man based in San Diego (USA).
Andy Constantinou (Delayed) – Guitarist based in London, (UK).
Sean Houseman (ex-Still Thinking) – Guitarist based in Durban (South Africa).
Heath Rowley (ex-Weisheimer) – Bass & Backup Vocals based in New South Wales (Australia).
Juan de Lange (Lowprofile) – Drums based in Durban (South Africa).

These 5 talented artists bring decades of experience to the melodic skate punk scene where they are certain to turn heads and re-awake this new punk era. This is gonna be huge!