Against Time – And Not For Everyone LP

Against Time – “And Not For Anyone” LP


Artist: Against Time
Title: And Not For Anyone
Label: La Agonia De Vivir
Release year: 2016
Pressing: 12″ black vinyl

01. Opinions Made
02. In Our hands
03. I Ask Myself
04. Pull It Up
05. I Still Believe
06. Nothing At All
07. Another Promise
08. Saw You Laughing
09. Time To Learn
10. Today
11. Blinded
12. Bring Back My Smile
13. Trying To Forget
14. Friends
15. Muddling Through
16. Alone Again

“Vinyl re-release of the 1999 skatepunk classic by Against Time from The Netherlands! Limited to 300 copies. Great, highly underrated band. Sounds like a mixture of Satanic Surfers, Bad Religion, Face To Face and No Fun At All!”

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Weight 1050 g
Dimensions 322 x 322 x 2 mm