Authority Zero – The Tipping Point

Authority Zero – “The Tipping Point” CD


Artist: Authority Zero
Title: The Tipping Point
Label: Concrete Jungle Records
Release year: 2013
Packaging: Jewelcase

1. No Other Place
2. Undivided
3. For The Kids
4. Take It Ore Leave It
5. Struggle
6. Lift One Up
7. On The Brink
8. Today We Heard The News
9. The Tipping Point
10. Shakedown In Juarez
11. Endless Roads
12. 21st Century Breakout
13. What´s The Big Deal

“In my eyes Authority Zero has always been a very talented band that never fails to impress with their high-energy shows. Classic, passionate melodic punk rock with some ska and reggea influences on the side. Get rid of the rock you've been living under for years and check 'em out!”

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