Bedtime for Charlie It Aint About The Music CD

Bedtime For Charlie – “It Ain’t About The Music” CD


Artist: Bedtime For Charlie
Title: It Ain't About The Music
Label: Milestone Sounds
Release year: 2009
Packaging: Jewelcase

1. Golden Age Of reason
2. It Ain't About The Music
3. The Mind Boggles
4. Idlebill
5. My Lovely Enemy
6. Supersize
7. Parental Advisor
8. I Hate Punk Rock
9. Today
10. Sorry Kate, I've Missed You Out
11. Words To The Wind
12. Ribbons (Bonus Track)
13. Thank You For The Buttcrack (Bonus Track)
14. Understand (Bonus Track)

15. Man On Mars
16. New Shoes
17. Blackest Cup Of Coffee
18. I Don't Wanna Be Like Me
19. Castor Troy
20. Deception Comes Quick As A Punch In The Face
21. Excuse Me, Drop Dead
22. The Sound Of Silence
23. Apologies From An Asshole
24. Airband
25. The Worst Something Since…Whenever
26. Good Luck
27. Clean Cut
28. Not Your Average Outro

“Bedtime for Charlie is a melodic hc/punk rock act from Rome, Italy, active since 2001.”

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