The Decline – Flash Gordon Ramsey Street LP

The Decline – “Flash Gordon Ramsay Street” LP


Artist: The Decline
Title: Flash Gordon Ramsay Street
Label: Bearded Punk Records
Release year: 2019
Pressing: 12″ blue opaque

1. Bullet With Buffalo Wings
2. Brovine
3. It Was Always You
4. War
5. Verge Collection
6. Summerbucht
7. Changing My Shoes
8. Smashed Avo
9. Real Again
10. High Extinction
11. I’m Not Alright
12. Don’t Jump A Giftshark In The Mouth
13. Bahia De Verano
14. Get Hyrule, Save Zelda
15. The More You Know
16. Your Funeral
17. Josh

“The latest full-length by everyone’s favorite Australian punk rock band; The Decline! Great, catchy 90’s California skatepunk styled songs that’ll surely leave a smile on your face on a gloomy Sunday morning.”

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Weight 1050 g
Dimensions 322 x 322 x 2 mm