Double Negative – The Day The Dark Won CD

Double Negative – “The Day The Dark Won” CD


Artist: Double Negative
Title: The Day The Dark Won
Release year: 2017
Label: Felony Records
Packaging: Digipack

1. Forty Two
2. Alien
3. Card Puncher
4. Broken Snowflakes
5. The Berenstein Shift
6. This Screaming Earth.
7. Exhausted
8. Here I Fell
9. The Day The Dark Won
10. Faith
11. Organ Grinder
12. Madness of Two
13. In One Breath
14. Teardrops for You
15. Ghosts

“Intense melodic skatepunk (studio)band featuring Paul Stevenson and Juan de Lange (Setbacks). Huge vocal harmonies, great production, you’ll love it. Includes guest vocals from Heath Rowley (Hack The Mainframe / Setbacks), Geir Pederson & Mathias Andersson (Adhesive) and Aaron Goulding (Pridebowl / Setbacks).”

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