Dowzer – So Much For Silver Linings LP

Dowzer – “So Much For Silver Linings” LP


Artist: Dowzer
Title: So Much For Silver Linings
Label: Shield Recordings
Release year: 2017
Pressing: 12″ clear/black vinyl mix

A1. Scenes Are For Sinners
A2. Hindsight Bias Blues
A3. Roken Record
A4. No One Knows
A5. Making Waves
B1. On The Beat Of Repentance
B2. Scars
B3. Back-up Plan
B4. A Swing And A Miss
B5. Glimpses

“Since 2007 Dowzer is creating their own blend of melodic punkrock. With twists of poppunk and alternative rock, mixed with vocal harmonies, catchy riffs and experience from former and current bands like St. Plaster, Camp High Gain and New Pokerface. Playing shows all over Europe and with noteworthy bands as Frenzal Rhomb, Red City Radio, Undeclinable Ambuscade and releasing records in Europe and Japan.”

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