Generation 84 – Relentless CD

Generation 84 – “Relentless” CD


Artist: Generation 84
Title: Relentless
Catalog: MWR-043
Release date: 30-09-2017
Packaging: Jewelcase

1. Potemkin Smile
2. Turn Your Cheek
3. Blistered Hands
4. Black On Stage
5. Razor Wired Sleepwalkers
6. Empty Shot Glass
7. Redeemer
8. Bedtime Stories
9. The Presidential Dump
10. Rolling With The Punches

* Bonus Tracks*
11. Trying To Belong
12. Childish Game
13. Take It To The Floor
14. Production Line
15. The Backfire Effect


“Straightforward, no nonsense punk rock from a Belgian band that’s all about having fun playing music and storming stages, while kicking shins in the process. Often compared to bands such as Rise Against, Bad Religion and Good Riddance, Generation 84 prefers to let their music speak for itself. So get ready and arm yourself, because this generation will grab you by the throat!”

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