Giant Eagles – Giant Egos LP

Giant Eagles – “Giant Egos” LP yellow vinyl


Artist: Giant Eagles
Title: Giant Egos
Label: Shield Recordings
Release date: 2020 (repress)
Pressing: 12″yellow vinyl

A1. In The Backseat
A2. Total War
A3. It's Gonna Take Some Time
A4. Heartbreaker
A5. The Howl Of The Wolf
A6. Rather Be Stupid
B1. Got Stabbed
B2. You Lied
B3. 21 Bodies
B4. Born To Follow
B5. A Town Called Loneliness
B6. Bye Bye Baby

“The first full-length by Rotterdam, The Netherlands based pop punk supergroup Giant Eagles! Featuring (ex-)members from The Apers, The Windowsill, Accelerators and Lone Wolf! Awesome Ramonescore inspired pop punk for fans of Screeching Weasel, The Queers, Teenage Bottlerocket, Masked Intruder, The Methadones and The Mr. T Experience!”

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Weight 1050 g
Dimensions 322 x 322 x 2 mm