Heideroosjes – chapter Eight

Heideroosjes – “Chapter Eight, The Golden State”


Artist: Heideroosjes
Title: Chapter Eight,  The Golden State
Label: U-Sonic
Release year: 2007
Packaging: Digipack

1. What If…
2. My Funeral
3. Lekker Belangrijk
4. Homesick For A Place That Does Not Exist
5. Buckle Up!
6. I Don't Wanna Wake Up
7. Ik Zie Je Later
8. All Your Government Does
9. Forgotten Continent (Guest vocals by Zoli Teglas)
10. Ik Ben Niet Bang
11. Embrace & Destroy
12. Any Drug Will Do
13. Primeur! Terreur!
14. Cash Is King
15. Shout Out For Freedom

“The eighth studio album by The Netherlands' biggest punk rock band of all time, De Heideroosjes. Produced by Cameron Webb in L.A. (Social Distortion, Ignite, Zebrahead, Danzig) and featuring guest vocals by Zoli Teglas (Ignite).”

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