Hoist The Colours ASBO peepshow Having A Full English CD

Hoist The Colours / ASBO Peepshow – “Having a full English” CD


Artist: Hoist The Colours / ASBO Peepshow
Title: Having a full English
Release date: 25-10-2014
Catalog number: MWR-009
Packaging: Cardboard sleeve

1. Hoist The Colours – Coffee
2. Hoist The Colours – Armstrong
3. Hoist The Colours – Mullet (For My Valentine)
4. Hoist The Colours – 100 Miles A Minute
5. ASBO Peepshow – Facebook Envy
6. ASBO Peepshow – Rejector Gadget
7. ASBO Peepshow – Beers in my Fridge
8. ASBO Peepshow – Asbo Zombies

“Dutch skatepunk band Hoist The Colours team up with the UK punk rockers of ASBO Peepshow to release a split CD full of stupid jokes and 90’s punk rock. Don’t let their fat bellies and slightly greying hair mislead you, “Having a full English” is tight, fierce and above all, humorous. Limited and exclusively released on Morning Wood Records.”

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