Straightline Final Redemption CD

Straightline – “Final Redemption” CD


Artist: Straightline
Title: Final Redemption
Release date: 25-11-2015
Catalog number: MWR-014
Packaging: Digipack

1. Curtain Fall
2. Wash It Away
3. Burning Heart
4. How Can You Sleep At Night?
5. Comatose
6. Won´t Back Down
7. Common Way
8. Blind Leading The Blind
9. Artificial Age
10. One Nation
11. Home
12. Wake Up Call

“Punk rock for metalheads or metal for punk rockers? Call it what you want, but Straightline’s skatepunk roots empowered with shredding, metallic riffs is something not to ignore. Straightforward, hard-edged, still always melodic and memorable. Originally released in 2013, and now for the first time out on CD through Morning Wood Records!”

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