Winning Streak – Whichever path You Take CD

Winning Streak – “Whichever Path You Take” CD


Artist: Winning Streak
Title: Whichever Path You Take
Label: Self-Released
Release year: 2018
Packaging: Jewelcase

1. Messages
2. Coming Up For Air (feat. Dave Nassie / No Use For A Name)
3. Where Does The Time Go
4. Whichever Path You Take (feat Mike Herrera / MxPx)
5. Your Bones
6. Liar
7. Sleep Alone
8. The Things We Think We Know
9. Avarice
10. Warhawks
11. The Black Behind The Stars (feat. Gunner McGrath / Much The Same)

“Fast poppy skatepunk from the good ol' USA. Catchyness and awesomeness factor that goes through the fucking roof. Excellent as fuck. Featuring guest vocals by Mike Herrera (MxPx) and Gunner McGrath (Much The Same) that will make you moist.”

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