Ten Foot Pole – “Escalating Quickly” out now!

Ten Foot Pole - Escalating Quickly Morning Wood RecordsTEN FOOT POLE‘s brand new album “Escalating Quickly” is out now on Morning Wood Records! Featuring first new material since 2004. Just like all previous albums this one by the 90’s Epitaph legends belongs in your music collection.

“If I never do a record after this I would want people to remember me by this record.” – Ryan Greene (producer for NOFX, No Use For A Name, Lagwagon)

CDs and vinyl are available at our store. Be sure to have a look at the 12″ transculent clear vinyl, since this is the Morning Wood Records exclusive colour and limited to 200 copies worldwide! Wanna check it out  first? Go here!

Setbacks – “DED.RECKONING.” out now!

bookletThe second full-length by intercontinental 90’s skatepunk influenced band SETBACKS is out now! Delivering top-notch fast, melodic punk rock like you’re used to from this collection of superb musicians. Features (ex-)members of Pridebowl, Lowprofile and Double Negative. Guest vocals on this one are provided by Dennis Jagard (Ten Foot Pole) and Joe D. Foster (ex-Ignite).

Available on CD at our store for the mere fee of €7,95! If you wish, check it out first here though!

Tear Them Down – “No Sleep ’til Aröd” out now!

Tear Them Down - No Sleep Til Arod 1200x1200Swedish punk rock done right! TEAR THEM DOWN‘s latest five-track EP hits the shelves today. Straighforward, catchy and a sing-a-long factor as good as their country’s educational and welfare system. For fans of The Bouncing Souls, Bombshell Rocks and Rancid. Also be sure to catch the Gothenburg guys on tour at a gig near you to get the full Tear Them Down experience!

We got this one out on CD and 12″ black vinyl at the store. Streaming and download options are here!

Weak – “The Wheel” out now!

Weak - The Wheel 1400x1400WEAK is born at the beginning of the year 2018. It’s members: Fon (La Agonia De Vivir), Tote, Fangui and Merida come from bands as stylistically diverse as Wild Animals, Enoch Ardon, Ulises Lima, The Attack of the Brain Eaters or Acid Mess. Having said this, this new band’s concept and vision has been crystal clear from the outset: 90s melodic punk rock in the mould of NOFX, Lagwagon, Good Riddance etc. Catch them at a gig in Europe this summer!

The band’s debut EP “The Wheel” is out on 12″ now and available at the store. Grab those streams and downloads here!

Malvina – “Hybrid War” out now!

Malvina - Hybrid War 960x960When Brazilian melodic hardcore threesome MALVINA sent us the tracks of  their brand new record “Hybrid War” we simply couldn’t refuse to add them to the Morning Wood roster. Superb, metal-injected, hard-shredding melodic hardcore. Perfect mixture of in-your-face instrumental technicalaties and the catchiness of melodic punk rock. Catch them on tour in Europe later this year!

Snag the entire album on 12″ black vinyl for just €11,95 at the store. Streams and downloads are up here!

Ten Foot Pole – “Escalating Quickly” pre-orders up now!

Ten Foot Pole - Escalating Quickly Morning Wood RecordsYes! We’re getting closer to the release day of Ten Foot Pole‘s upcoming album “Escalating Quickly”, first featuring new songs since 2004! Pre-orders are up now and these are the spices we got for you:

This is the MWR exclusive colour variant, limited to 200 copies. Ships out around June 20th!

CD (€9,95)
Ships out late May!!

And if that’s not enough, two songs are available for streaming already, so head over here to check what Ten Foot Pole’s got in store for you!