AdrenalizedADRENALIZED are not the coolest guys in town, they don’t have any weird haircut, they don’t wear fancy clothes or have any fan club (their friends to be considered). They are kind of normal people, just a band of friends that one day decided that they were to do what they liked (and still like) most: composing and playing songs the way they like it. So, please, don’t expect a fairy tale here.

They released their first album, called “Vote For The Fake”, in late 2007. It was released in Europe and in Japan. It might be quite far from what they play nowadays, considering that they were pretty much younger when they wrote these songs. But in that precise time these songs represented them, so they keep liking them just for that reason.

With a bit of delay regarding its release, “Docet Umbra” finally saw light in 2010, for an European and Japanese Edition. These new songs represented a step forward for them. This second album also gave them the chance to play many more gigs, including the Resurrection Festival. During this period, they have shared stage with bands like Pennywise, No Use For A Name, No Fun At All, MUTE, Forus, Enemy Alliance, Less Than Jake, Guttermouth and many others. However, in 2012, after having played in the band since its beginning, the bass player Serch left the band. He was replaced by Josu.

After having spent several months in the composition and writing of songs, Adrenalized released their third critically-acclaimed album, “Tales From The Last Generation” in 2013. This allowed the band to gain more recognition, play bigger shows and even pull of to do a successful European tour. In 2015 the band re-released their 2010 album Docet Umbra through various labels worldwide, including Morning Wood Records in Europe.

2007 – Vote For The Vake
2010 – Docet Umbra (Morning Wood Records) Buy!
2013 – Tales From The Last Generation

Tejas: Vocals & Guitar
Josu: Vocals & Bass
Lolo: Guitar
Iri: Drums