OmahaVery much out of place in the Toronto, Canada scene, OMAHA’s resolve has always been faster, harder, and better. With two self-produced EP’s and many performances under their belts, they continue to produce their own brand of Canadian skate punk, regardless of any musical trends that may stand in their way. Speed, melody, and technicality are their three major tentacles, ones which have reached fans all over the world from the Americas to Japan. Their most recent EP “Touch ‘em all, Joe” grabbed the #2 spot on We Live in Hell’s top 100 albums of 2014, an achievement which stands as a testament to the band’s honest approach to punk rock music. These five Canadians strive to keep writing and performing punk music for as long as humanly possible because in the end, they really have nothing better to do.

OMAHA , fast music for slow people since 2012.

2012 – Fast Music For Slow People EP
2015 – Touch ‘Em All, Joe EP (Morning Wood Records) Buy!

Mitch Syrnyk – Drums
Rob Molinaro – Guitar
Joel McCarthy – Guitar
Jason Steffan – Vocals
Paul Hammerton – Bass