Hoist The Colours

Hoist The Colours bandHOIST THE COLOURS are four friends with a combined passion for stupid jokes and 90’s punk rock. They have various backgrounds such as punk, metal and even grindcore, but they discovered a mutual passion for 90’s punk rock and wondered where their heroes had gone. So they decided to team up and battle alongside each other to show the world that there is still room for a decent punk rock show!

In 2012 Hoist The Colours released their first demo “Bud and the Barstool”. The four tracks on the demo were recorded DIY style at the cost of dedicated blood, sweat and a lot of Chinese food. A year later the band put out  “4 A.M. Breakfast”, the second demo in the line of fast, melodic skatepunk. In this period the band got in touch with the UK punk rock band ASBO Peepshow. The two bands decided to join forces and record a split CD.

Don’t let Hoist The Colours’ fat bellies fool you. These guys have all the necessary experience and energy to set up a great punk rock show and get you hooked for the night! It’s time to Hoist the Colours!

2012 – Bud And The Barstool EP
2013 – 4 A.M. Breakfast EP
2014 – Split w/ ASBO Peepshow (Morning Wood Records) – Buy!

Frank van den Beld – Vocals & Guitar
Erik-Peter Schutter – Vocals & Bass
Johan Bokma – Guitar
Richard Wieringa – Drums