Sidewalk bandSIDEWALK is a punk rock four-piece from Utrecht, the Netherlands. Highly passionate about punk rock from the 90’s they started rocking in 2008. A few chords, songs about life, love and politics and most importantly the fun of playing gigs is what this band is all about. They recorded two demos in 2009 and in 2012 Sidewalk released their first EP “We Are Your Radio For The Night So Shut Up And Dance”.

So far Sidewalk played over 100 shows in France, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Germany and The Netherlands, sharing stages with bands such as Stiff Little Fingers, Mad Caddies, Swingin’ Utters, Useless ID and The Copyrights amongst others. In 2013 Sidewalk released a split-CD with French punk rockers  Topsy Turvy’s, who they met on tour. The split features four Sidewalk tracks, written with their new guitar player Martin.

In 2014 Gerko replaced Bouke as lead vocalist. The band immediately started working on a new release, which was the five-track EP “Back To The Start” in September of that year. The band then played dozens of shows across The Netherlands and did an European tour to support the release. Sidewalk is currently recording their first full-length album.

2010 – What To Do Demo
2012 – We Are Your Radio For The Night So Shut Up And Dance EP
2013 – Split w/ Topsy Turvy’s (Morning Wood Records) – Buy!
2014 – Back To The Start EP (Morning Wood Records) – Buy!
2015 – Full Throttle (Morning Wood Records) – Buy!

Gerko Kamminga – Vocals
Martin Kroeze – Guitar & backing vocals
Pieter Duiverman – Bass & backing vocals
Hugo van Grondelle – Drums