Straightline bandSTRAIGHTLINE was found in 1998/99 and was named Softcore back then. They Recorded a Demo in 99 and a Demo EP in 2000. After that almost all members except the singer/guitarist Bart changed. So they decided to change the name as this was a different Band now. But the Style always stayed the same: fast melodic punk with some hardcore and metal influences.

After some more Demo stuff, small shows and some supportshows for bigger bands they recorded their first Album “No Way Out” in 2004 and released it in 2005. Although the album received very good feedback then, the rest of the band decided to go in other directions in 2007 and so Bart kept searching for new members again.

It took almost 3 years for Bart to find the right people. And so at the end of 2009 they started from zero again with a new drummer and a new bass player. With that line-up Straightline recorded the “Change of Seasons” EP in 2010 and also did a cover Song for the “A Tribute To Much The Same” sampler in 2012. The band also released a 7 inch EP called “Sourcrowd” in May 2012, featuring short 30 second songs in the vein of oldschool hardcore and thrash metal/crossover. It was a collection of all their short songs, which were always a part of their live shows.

In 2013 Straightline released the full-length “Final Redemption” and went on tour through Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia and Poland. As a result “Final Redemption” was also chosen for the “Release of the Year 2013” at “Melodic Punk Style”. Straightline added a 2nd guitarist (Enrice) and a new Bassplayer (Herzner) to their line-up and toured again in 2014 with Dead Neck from the UK. Together they played in Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Belgium. Besides that Straightline also recorded a new EP called “Alteration of the Rules” in 2014.

2005 – No Way OutBuy!
2010 – Change of Seasons EP
2012 – Sourcrowd EP
2013 – Final Redemption (Morning Wood Records) – Buy!
2014 – Alteration of the Rules EP

Bart – Vocals & Guitar
Herzna – Bass
Mosi – Drums
Enric – Guitar