You can order all our releases and merchandise at our webstore! and we have our entire distro online at Discogs! So far we’ve sent packages to countries all over the world and we’re really glad people from all corners of the globe are involved in this little punk rock scene.

The shipping costs are based on the weight of the products and the country you live in.

In 2020 the international postage regulations have changed. What’s different is that small packages can’t be sent as “letters” anymore and now have to be sent as a “package”, regardless if it easily fits in your mailbox or not. From now on there are only two shipping cost variants with 350 grams as breakpoint.


The Netherlands



Up to 350 grams

€ 5,00

€ 9,00

€ 10,00

LPs and above 350 grams

€ 8,00

€ 14,00

€ 19,00

Orders will be carefully packed and ship out within 2 days after payment.