RunningLate bandAt the end of 2009, the plans about starting a band finally became real when four friends found their long wanted drummer. Who would have ever thought the shared love for punk rock, beers and lots of pointless conversations would end in ferocious and energetic nineties-ish skatepunkrock we like to call ‘RUNNINGLATE’.

This five-piece fabricates fast punk rock tracks with notable influences of Pennywise, Much the Same, Rise Against and No Use For A Name. In 2013 five tracks were selected to be recorded for RunningLate’s first demo/EP named “Catching Up”. After this first release the tracks became part of several compilations such as ‘Say Cheese’ (North Empire), ‘Sound Of Us’ (Melodic Punk Style) and made it twice to the Anti-Pop-Punk-Show-Podcast (VacantLotEnt, USA).

Between continuing their endless bullshitting around, playing some ‘foosball’ and procrastinate to make a proper bandphoto, the band got signed to Morning Wood Records and recorded their second EP in the summer of 2014.  Their three-track EP “Spectators” was released on January 5th 2015 and gained the band more renown. “Spectators” received very positive feedback, and with an EP consisting of fast, edgy skatepunk with social-critical lyrics and interesting hooks we can definitely see why!

2013 – Catching Up EP – Buy!
2014 – Spectators EP (Morning Wood Records) – Buy!

Elmer – Vocals
Marco – Bass
Kees – Guitar & backing vocals
Niek – Guitar & backing vocals
Sander – Drums