Topsy Turvy’s

Topsy Turvys bandTOPSY TURVY’S is a melodic punk pop group formed in 2008 in Poitiers. They immediately recorded a demo at Studio 4 in Poitiers. One year later, enriched by new experiences and many shows, they came back to record their first eight-track EP “Fall In Love With An Alien Girl”, which was released in January 2011 on Smalltones Records. This release launched series of concerts in a much broader region than their own.

In April of 2012 the second EP “You Better Believe It, You’re In” was released on several labels. Quite different due to new inspiration, the EP was recorded at the Snapcut Studio near Nice. After that even more shows across Europe were played. At the end of 2013 they released a split CD with Dutch band Sidewalk, who they’ve met on a previous tour. The same year Topsy Turvy’s brought out a second split CD. This time with French friends JOHK. The split was recorded at Panzer Panda Studio in Poitiers, followed by an European tour again.

With over 100 shows and four releases on both CD and vinyl, Topsy Turvy’s are preparing to record new music in the spring of 2015. Over the years the band’s head infesting pop punk songs were featured on dozens of compilation albums and shows were played all across Europe. The only thing next is an international breakthrough!

2011 – Fall In Love With An Alien Girl EP
2012 – You Better Believe It, You’re In EP
2013 – Split w/ Johk
2013 – Split w/ Sidewalk (Morning Wood Records) – Buy!

Noémie – Vocals & Bass
Dam’s – Vocals & Guitar
Bato – Vocals & Guitar
Cyp – Drums