Morning Wood Records is a punk rock record label and distributor located in the gorgeous city of Leeuwarden in The Netherlands. It was founded in 2013 by Jouke Rispens, but I like to address the label in the “we” form so it seems bigger. Cause why not, right?

In essence it’s all about the melodic punk rock style that elevated worldwide in the 90’s. Ripping guitars, thriving drum beats, catchy vocal harmonies and its characteristic lyrics. The kinda music that makes your heart beat a little bit faster every day. And nowadays it’s great to see this style is still being inspired and evolved by both young bands and bands who were around during that era.

So, what do we do?

Nothing is more delicate and pure than music in its physical form. That’s where Morning Wood Records kicks in. We release music on vinyl and CD, and take care of everything in the proces to get the good stuff delivered to all punk rock infested corners of this globe. So far we got bands from all over the world signed to the label and shipped packages to all continents except Antarctica.

Anyway, check our fine selection of music. You might find your new favorite band!