Doghouse bandDOGHOUSE was formed in April of 1998, and at the beginning consisted of three members, Dejan Cvetojevic (Guitar & vocals), Nikola Sukara (Drums), Bozidar Simenovic (Bass & backing vocals). Doghouse was mostly influenced by bands like Bad Religion, Good Riddance, Snuff, Peter and Test Tube Babies, Strung Out and other melodic punk rock bands. That summer they added Petar Arizanovic , who joined as second guitarist. They recorded their first demo and started playing club shows in Serbia. In the first months of 1999 the band recorded another 6 songs for a new album. In the meantime Petar left the band, who was replaced by Aref Zaabi who was known for playing in a couple of local hardcore bands.

In November of 2000 Doghouse released their first album named “Trax” for Automatic Records. The album got very positive feedback, as well as coverage by mainstream media in Serbia. The releaseshow for the first album sold out within one hour, leaving a lot of confused people outside, unable to hear the band perform. One song from the album (My Best Friend) was used for the film “Land of Truth, Love and Freedom”. That song also became a bona fide hit, to much surprise from the band . The promotional tour came to an end in Belgrade in front of 800 people. At the time unheard of for punk rock bands in Serbia.

After a lot of gigs in Serbia and Bosnia Doghouse entered the studio again to record their second record “Promised Land”. The album was released in January of 2002 and allowed the band to play bigger venues and continue touring in support of the album. In 2003 Aref left the band and was replaced by another friend from the local scene; Milos Stankovic.

In early 2004 Doghouse released the EP “October”. Two years later the band called it quits and  played their last concert in their hometown of Belgrade. In the years active the band shared stages with The Misfits, played at Belgrade Beer Festival two years in a row and the Exit festival, which is biggest festival at South East Europe four times!

Seven  years have passed until the band reunited and the band announced this great news by a Facebook post on October 5th 2013 . In March of 2014 new songs were recorded for the EP called “Dysfunction”. One year later Doghouse signed to Morning Wood records, who will release the EP on CD and hopefully bring the band closer to the Europe .

2000 – Trax
2002 – Promised Land
2004 – October EP
2015 – Dysfunction EP (Morning Wood Records) Buy!

Deki – Vocals & guitar
Boka – Bass & backing vocals
Aref – Guitar
Suki – Drums