Doghouse – “Dysfunction” review by We Live In Hell

doghouseBand: Doghouse
Album: Dysfunction
Label: Morning Wood Records
Year: 2015
Origin: Serbia
Grade: 10/10


To get a 10 score from We Live in Hell is not an easy task. You need to make a simply flawless and perfect album. And in 2015 I do not remember any album that has received a perfect score on our site so far. It seems that Dysfunction was the greatest gift I got on my birthday this year (which was yesterday, April 20th, and I’m still accepting late gifts and congratulations haha).

Dysfunction is an EP with only five songs of the Serbian band Doghouse. With all my years and knowledge of worldwide punk rock, I remember only one great band that Serbia presented us: Tea Break. Well, now it’s time for me to fall in love completely by Doghouse, and its melodic punk executed masterfully. Melodies, speed, cadence, resourcefulness are some of the adjectives you can find on this disc, all this perfectly combined with strong and impressive vocals. “Breathe” is a simply sensational first track. Following the excellent “Remember Days” and the amazing “Breaking”. To end the competent “Nobody” and the catchy and fast “Jester”.

Doghouse is the biggest surprise of the year for me, and with only five songs they won me like no other band managed this year. Dysfunction has been racing ahead of the competition to be one of the best albums of the genre in 2015. Another top notch release of the great Dutch label Morning Wood Records.

By: Eduardo Landlord

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