Höney’s upcoming EP coming out on Morning Wood Records

The Italian punk rock threesome Höney have signed to Morning Wood Records and we’re excited to be releasing their EP “Höney” on November 11th! The band hails from Rimini, Italy and their sound can be described as a mix of 90’s punk rock and poppunk bands such as NOFX, Blink 182 and MxPx. Höney was founded only earlier this year and they already show that they know how to write catchy punk rock songs that get stuck in your head immediately!

Honey (3)Tracklist:
1. Brody
2. Honey
3. Night Fight
4. Teenagers

Höney’s self-titled EP will be coming out on Morning Wood Records on November 11th. The band posted the track Brody’ on YouTube today. So, why not check out the song yourself!