“Oceans Apart” by Setbacks out now!

a1513096173_10Featuring (ex)-members of Pridebowl, Lowprofile, Wiseheimer, Delayed and Still Thinking, spread across four different continents, SETBACKS are without a doubt one of 2017’s most interesting punk rock bands.

Morning Wood Records is beyond excited to present the band’s debut album titled “Oceans Apart”. Fourteen mind blowing melodic punk rock tracks full of shredding guitars, thriving drums and hook-laden vocal lines and harmonies. Including guest perfomances by Étienne Dionne (Mute), Steven Rawles (Belvedere) and Paul Stevenson (Double Negative).

Pretty fucking awesome if I say so myself.

You can order “Oceans Apart” on CD for €7,95 at our webstore.

For streaming and downloads, head over to our Bandcamp page!