Hans Roofthooft (F.O.D.) & Matteo Caldari (7Years) split release!

a0308975657_10Hans Roofthooft from F.O.D. and 7Years‘ one and only Matteo Caldari have recorded an acoustic split album! Punk rock heroes such as Tony Sly, Joey Cape, and Greg Graffin have proved in the past that acoustic tracks kick ass, and Hans and Matteo have done an amazing job on this one! Both lads contributed five tracks, and boy, are they catchy..

CDs are coming your way for €4,95 by ordering at the store! All you stream and download fanboys, go tune in here.

“Relentless” by Generation 84 out now!

Generation 84 - RelentlessBelgian punk rockers Generation 84 released their new album “Relentless” on Morning Wood Records! Throughout their career Generation 84 shared stages with NOFX, Bad ReligionNo Fun At All and Ten Foot Pole. Maybe it’s because of their high energy, smashing live shows and handsome looks. Maybe it’s because their straightforward, no-nonsense 90’s styled punk rock is just tits.

In conclusion: be the cool guy at work for once and grab this CD for €7,95 at the store! Be sure to blast this album through your laptop speakers here first.

Pre-order Setbacks “Oceans Apart” on vinyl!

Setback - Bundle_vinyl

One of 2017’s greatest releases has to be “Oceans Apart” by Setbacks. After releasing the CD in April of this year we’re super stoked to announce we’ll be releasing this record for the first time on vinyl! “Oceans Apart” will be out on 12″ on two colors; Transparent Green and Grimace Purple, both limited to 100 units.

Pre-Orders for both versions and various bundles are up now at the store and will ship out on December 8th 2017!

“Never Cry Wolf” by Doghouse out now!

a3640722337_10Fawk yeah! The brand new album by Belgrade’s finest punk rock band Doghouse is out now! For everyone who couldn’t get enough of their previous EP “Dysfunction”, the Serbs are back with fresh tunes. And as always; melodic and dynamic, high-energy punk rock tracks that leave you no time for breathing! Doghouse have been delivering quality material since 1998 with no exceptions.

Snag a copy on CD for €7,95 at the store and enrich your life! If you’re more of a streamer or downloader, which is cool too, get your 90’s punk rock self here.

“A Place To Call Home” by 69 Enfermos out now!

a0834842236_10“69 Enfermos pay tribute to the golden age of ’90s skatepunk. Anchored by a hard-charging base, the band drops double and tripled layere dmelodies over the top, resulting in a mix that is right up any Epifat fan’s alley.”


I’d wish to give a more fitting description, but I don’t believe there is one!

You can order “A Place To Call Home” on CD for €7,95 at our webstore.

For streaming and downloads, head over to our Bandcamp page!

“Lifetime” by 7Years out now!


The new full-length album “Lifetime” by Italian melodic punk rockers 7YEARS out now! Thirteen brand new tracks varying from straightforward 90’s / early 00’s skatepunk to hook-laden mid-tempo tracks.

Featuring guest vocals from none other than Joey Cape (Lagwagon) and Hans Roofthooft (F.O.D.). Pretty sure this is exactly your cup of tea!

You can order “Lifetime” on CD for €7,95 at our webstore.

For streaming and downloads, head over to our Inconsapevole Records!