May 16 – 25% discount!

May 16th month 2021Happy Lagwagon day.. ehr… month… In celebration of the band’s notorious “May 16” song we wanted to get ahead of the herd this year and just give you a nice offer for the entire month.

Use coupon code “may16” when checking out to collect 25% discount on your entire order.

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Winter sale!

Discount instaBack from a small break in January spent well listening to black metal. So let’s have a sale!

You can get 20% discount on your entire cart of stuff when you use coupon code “winter“. Works on everything, including frisbees, coasters (both music included) and merchandise!

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Disclaimer: we only have punk rock at our disposal.

You Nervous? – “True Belief” out now!

You Nervous - True Belief 1200x1200

The second full-length by Belgium’s You Nervous? is out now on CD! This banger came out digitally earlier this year, but with music and artwork this nice it’s simply impossibly not to offer something physical for your aching hands.

This one’s for all the pop/skatepunk enthusiasts in the style of old Blink 182, NOFX, Millencolin, Lagwagon and Bad Religion! Also be sure to listen to the band’s first offering “Furry Tales” while you’re at it. Surprise surprise; we got that one for sale too.

Grab one of those gorgeous lookin’ digipack CDs for €9,95 at our store or check it out first here.

Blowfuse – “Into The Spiral” out now!

Blowfuse - Into The Spiral 1200x1200

Back in 2013 Barcelona’s BLOWFUSE put out this beast of a record called “Into The Spiral”. We’re beyond stoked that it has been reissued, and now also for the first time released through Morning Wood Records! The reissue consists of a 12″ white/blue coloured vinyl version, and the damage is €14,95. If you’re too 90’s for vinyl there’s also a CD reissue in a transparent jewelcase for €9,95.

Not familiar with this one? Shame on you. However, if a mixture of Rich Kids on LSD, SNFU, Pennywise and NOFX sounds like your cup of tea, you’ll love this.

Have a good ol’ look at our store or stream and download it here.

Sun-0-Bathers – “Floater” out now!

Sun-0-Bathers - Floater 1100x1100Aloha! The new stuff by Dutch sunny and fast punk rockers SUN-0-BATHERS is coming in hot! The band’s second EP “Floater” is out now, right in time for your pool parties. Perfect 90’s California vibe tunes for the summer, but will definitely keep you warm during other seasons too. Highly recommended for anyone into Pennywise, Adolescents, D.I., Zeke, Guttermouth and 98 Mute!

Availiable on CD for €4,95 and 12″ vinyl with three different colour variations. The band’s first EP “Local Warming” is on the B-side, and for €11,95 that seems like quite the catch!

Get one of ’em at our store or listen first here.

Generation 84 – “Leap” out now!

Generation 84GENERATION 84 celebrates the tenth anniversary with another remarkable release. After their previous releases such as self-titled EP, Regardless Of What Is Right, Let’s Do This EP, and Relentless, the band goes step further with Leap, another 10” record comprised of six melodic punk rock songs. For those who are not familiar with this Belgian group, Generation 84 is a highly energetic quintet solely inspired by heavyweights such as Good Riddance, No Use For A Name, Descendents, No Fun At All, Rise Against and Strike Anywhere. Therefore, their music levitates between catchiness of contemporary punk rock and melodic hardcore punk sound.

Grab a copy on 10″ vinyl or CD at our store or stream it here.