Antillectual – Silencing Civilization CD

Antillectual – “Silencing Civilization” CD


Artist: Antillectual
Title: Silencing Civilization
Label: Shield Recordings
Release year: 2009
Packaging: Jewelcase

1. No Human Is Illegal
2. Raisedfistfuckyou
3. Another Guide (To Comprehensive Capitalism)
4. Because We Can (And We Should)
5. Bad Company (No Globalisation Without Representation)
6. Yes, I Truly Am Naive
7. Hero
8. Originator
9. Sound Silence
10. No Government Needed

“Antillectual from Nijmegen, the Netherlands are on top of their game with their socially conscious, melodic blend of music, ranging from ‘90’s skate punk to ‘00’s emo and ‘10’s orgcore.”

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 142 x 124 x 10.5 mm