Antillectual – Start From Scratch CD

Antillectual – “Start From Scratch!” CD


Artist: Antillectual
Title: Start From Scratch!
Label: Shield Recordings
Release year: 2010
Packaging: Jewelcase

1. Every Crisis Is A Moral Crisis
2. Buyer’s Remorse
3. The Hunt Is On
4. America’s Worst Role Model
5. Cut The Ground From Under Our Feet
6. “Kraken gaat door!”
7. Some Of My Best Friends Are Meat Eaters
8. Chinese Takeover
9. Our Hearts
10. The New Jew
11. Classic Themes Never Get Old
12. So Much More

“The third full-length album by The Netherlands’ torchbearer of melodic punk. Antillectual grew up on ‘90’s skate punk, ‘00’s emo and ‘10’s orgcore. A philosophical, powerful and catchy vibe, with influences from beyond the punk rock realm like Crass’ DIY politics, Hüsker Dü’s authenticity and Van Halen’s guitar acrobatics.”

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