Castoff – First Step To Recovery

Castoff – “First Step To Recovery” CD


Artist: Castoff
Title: First Step To Recovery
Release date: February 2016
Catalog number: MWR-030
Packaging: Jewelcase

1. Perception and honesty
2. Revocation
3. Selective Memory
4. First Step To Recovery
5. Second Chance Realities
6. Capitalize
7. Haterz Gonna Mate
8. Forget Real Life
9. Promote Irrational Thought
10. Certain As The Sun

“The latest full-length album by San Diego’s Castoff yet again fulfills all your needs for fast melodic punk rock with lots of shredding and technical highlights. The guys have outdone themselves this time! Featuring Bill Hockmuth from Chaser on vocals and guitar duties.”

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