Dearly Divided – So Much For New Beginnings CD

Dearly Divided – “So Much For New Beginnings” CD


Artist: Dearly Divided
Title: So Much For New Beginnings
Release date: 20-11-2017
Catalog number: MWR-042
Packaging: Digipack

1. Spiderwebs
2. Unsung
3. Paper Dragons
4. Oceans
5. Hanging By A Thread
6. November
7. Run
8. The Quicksand
9. Mr. Agony
10. Maybe
11. Already There
12. Angel

“Recorded at Fat Mike’s Motor Studios in San Francisco, Dearly Divided’s second full-length album is another must-have for the 90’s EpiFat enthusiast! Melodic punk rock with a sip of mid thirties angst has been provided.”

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