Doghouse – Never Cry Wolf CD

Doghouse – “Never Cry Wolf” CD


Artist: Doghouse
Title: Never Cry Wolf
Release date: 22-09-2017
Catalog number: MWR-040
Packaging: Jewelcase

1. Off With Their Heads
2. Drone
3. City Lights Fade
4. Hope
5. Goodbye
6. I’m On Fire
7. Jaded
8. War
9. Dream
10. Who’s Got The Way

“The latst album by Belgrade’s finest punk rock band Doghouse! For everyone who couldn’t get enough of their previous EP “Dysfunction”, the Serbs are back with fresh tunes. Melodic and dynamic, high-energy punk rock tracks that leave you no time for breathing! Doghouse have been delivering quality material since 1998 with no exceptions.”

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