In-Sane – Trust These Hands Are Worthless CD

In-Sane – “Trust These Hands… Are Worthless” CD


Artist: In-Sane
Title: Trust These Hands… Are Worthless
Label: Shield Recordings
Release year: 2009
Packaging: Jewelcase

1. At The Break Of A New Dawn
2. Bleed (Story Of A Kid)
3. From Inside Out
4. Fail Stereo Fail
5. Blackout
6. Upon The City Lights
7. Autocratic, Autoerotic
8. Mrtev Policaj/Dead Cop
9. Red Carpet Pretenders
10. Choices Made
11. Amplify The Words

“For some reason Slovenians are skilled in producing top-notch punk rock. Wake up rest of the world, it’s time we need to get our shit together.”

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