Latte+ – Next To Ruin CD

Latte+ – “Next To Ruin” CD


Artist: Latte+
Title: Stitches
Label: Monster Zero
Release year: 2017
Packaging: Digipack

01. Next To Ruin
02. Phocomelic Boy
03. Cookie
04. Waiting For You
05. I Miss You
06. Good Looking Girl
07. She’s The Evil
08. Everybody Likes Your Wife
09. She Cracks The Whip
10. Sleepyhead
11. Lost In Berlin
12. Hey Hey It’s Dee Dee’s Birthday Today
13. Very Abnormal People

“The latest record by the Italian punk rockers in Latte+! It’s no secret these guys like The Ramones, and that’s a good thing. Cause everyone likes The Ramones, even your mom.”

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