Latte+ – Stitches CD

Latte+ – “Stitches” CD


Artist: Latte+
Title: Stitches
Label: Monster Zero
Release year: 2017
Packaging: Digipack

01. Chin Up! Chest Out!
02. Everybody Listens To The Ramones Even My Mom
03. Screw You
04. Darkness Inside Your Heart
05. I’m Gonna Kick You In The Ass
06. Another Sleepless Night
07. Hit Them
08. I Can’t Figure Out What To Do
09. Shit Talkers
10. Missiles
11. Stitches
12. Liquid Glue
13. When We Are Together

“In Italy The Ramones are some sort of religion, which explains the amount of really good Ramonescore records coming from that country. Latte+ from Empoli are one of those bands and have been dropping awesome albums since 1997. Catchy, tight, poppy punk rock”

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