Migre Le Tigre – Dancing  Through The Flames CD

Migre Le Tigre – “Dancing Through The Flames” CD


Artist: Migre Le Tigre
Title: Dancing Through The Flames
Release year: 2011
Packaging: Cardboard sleeve

1. What A Place
2. Dance
3. Needles
4. Seconds Of Peace
5. Lüt
6. Spirit
7. Plastic (The Sound Of Torment)
8. Going On

“After years of touring the world with bands like RENTOKILL, NRK and TOMORROW’S ASHES this young Swiss gentleman started his one man acoustic disco project MIGRE LE TIGRE in April 2011. But please don’t expect just another bearded ex-punk grabbing an acoustic guitar and playing lame versions of simple punk rock songs. Not only that this dude really knows how to write songs full of passion, great riffs and melodies, he is an amazing guitar player who makes you wonder if that really is “just” an acoustic guitar in his hands. He is also a great singer who will provide you every emotion from the blackest to the brightest.”

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Weight 25 g
Dimensions 124 x 124 x 2 mm