Omaha – IV CD

Omaha – “IV” CD


Artist: Omaha
Title: IV
Release date: 18-11-2019
Catalog number: MWR-060
Packaging: Digipack

1. With Our Eyes Open
2. Without A Pulse
3. Karma Suits Ya
4. Falling Down
5. Again Someday
6. Point Of No Return
7. Idiocracy
8. 80-D
9. Fade Into Thin Air
10. Cry Wolf
11. Time Brings Nothing

“The long-awaited full-length album by Canada’s finest skatepunk band Omaha is here! Very much out of place amidst the metal and post hardcore scene in Toronto, Omaha’s resolve has always been faster, stronger, harder, and better. And that statement can without a doubt be backed up on “IV”; expect a tight, eclectic mix of shredding, technical guitar work, the catchiest melodies you’ve heard in a long time, while driven by breakneck speed thriving drums.”

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