Omaha Touch Em All Joe

Omaha – “Touch ‘Em All, Joe” EP


Artist: Omaha
Title: Touch Em All, Joe
Release date: 24-04-2015
Catalog number: MWR-016
Packaging: Digipack

1. Call It A Crime
2. A League Of Their Own
3. Horseshoes, Hand Grenades
4. What I Owe
5. Indoor Smoking Pool
6. Sharpshoot My Hart (That Night In Montreal)

“Very much out of place amidst the metal and post hardcore scene in Toronto, Omaha’s resolve has always been faster, stronger, harder, and better. It’s no surprise the band’s second EP “Touch ‘Em All, Joe” has already reached fans all over the world and may be considered one of today’s best kept for anyone into technical, melodic skatepunk.”

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