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Setbacks – “Oceans Apart” CD


Artist: Setbacks
Title: Oceans Apart
Release date: 07-04-2017
Catalog number: MWR-035
Packaging: Digipack

1. Zenith
2. Too Much Time
3. Absent Minded
4. Remember (ft. Étienne Dionne)
5. Blood Thirsty
6. Stand By Me
7. Don't Bully Me (ft. Paul Stevenson)
8. Victory
9. Oceans Apart
10. No Regrets
11. Just Another Day
12. No Place Like Hell
13. Don't Panic (ft. Steven Rawles)
14. Mind Control

“Setbacks started up in 2015 having recorded and pressed a limited edition Ep titled “The New Frontier”. This was the prototype to test the waters and see the feasibility of having a band which consisted of five musicians from four different continents. The EP proved a success and using Skype, Dropbox and email, “Oceans Apart”, the bands first full length album, slowly and steadily came together.

With Aaron Gouldings unique vocal tone, something Pridebowl fans have too long been without, Setbacks have managed to bring together their decades of melodic hardcore punk experience from their previous ventures and combine it to create something oozing that 80’s and 90’s sound they all grew up on and love.”

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