Straightline No Way Out CD

Straightline – “No Way Out!” CD


Artist: Straightline
Title: No Way Out!
Release date: 25-11-2015
Catalog number: MWR-028
Packaging: Digipack

1. Suicide Song
2. Society
3. Freefall
4. Alone And Out
5. Punk is dead
6. One Day
7. No Respect
8. Unbreakable
9. KTS
10. Run Away
11. Prisoners State
12. Girl Song
13. Nu Metal Sux (Bonus)
14. True Metal Rules (Bonus)

“Straightline's first full-length “No Way Out” was released back in 2005 and is now reissued through Morning Wood Records! As you probably know we really dig the whole 90's punk rock sound, and luckily this record is a tribute to that decade of excellence.”

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