The Liabilities Malignant Humour CD

The Liabilities – “Malignant Humour” CD


Artist: The Liabilities
Title: Malignant Humour
Label: Gurnard Records
Release date: March 2013
Packaging: Jewelcase

1. How To Win Punks And Influence Picnics
2. Isn't Life Beautiful
3. Grow Up, Two's Up or Fuck Off
4. Terrorist Anthem
5. 100% Evil
6. She Put Bognor On The Map
7. Littlehampton Town
8. Officialy For Brethrens
9. STD Super Stud
10. Dangers Of Drug Abuse
11. The Rape Song
12. Balls Deep
13. Restraining Orders
14. We'll End Up Sniffing Plant Feed
15. KFC
16. Blatant Lies
17. Dirty Rug
18. Let's Get Wrecked

“The Liabilities managed to come up with an album faster, harder and more offensive than the last one. Highly advised to let these humorous idiots ruin your day with their signature sound consisting of 90's skatepunk, ska and teenage pop melodies amongst other narcotics.”

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