The Shivvies – ST CD

The Shivvies – “The Shivvies” CD


Artist: The Shivvies
Title: The Shivvies
Label: Shield Recordings
Release year: 2021
Packaging: Jewelcase

01. Goodnight Baby
02. Phonebooth
03. Snitch
04. Freak Out
05. Creepy Vibes
06. How I Feel
07. Chemicals
08. That Girl
09. Dizzy
10. Have My Heart
11. Dimwit
12. Shivvies
13. Crocodile
14. Esperanza

“This album is fucking Ramonescore galore. Great stuff, and of course hailing from Rotterdam, The Netherlands (where else..?) Featuring members from The Real Danger and The Windowsill. Good stuff!”

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