The Siknotes – Welcome To  The Party, Pal CD

The Siknotes – “Welcome To The Party Pal!” CD


Artist: The Siknotes
Title: Welcome To The Party, Pal!
Release date: 20-05-2018
Catalog number: MWR-048
Packaging: Digipack

1. Drunk and Dischorderly
2. H.O.T Dog
3. Dos DeDos
4. Fade Away
5. Take Everyone Apart
6. Goodtime Girl
7. Ric Flair
8. Welcome to the Party, Pal
9. Wake Up Daddy
10. The End
11. Wasted

“Straight up party punk, high catchyness factor, 90’s as fuck. Best served when you take every song with a pinch of salt….. a slice of lime, and a shot of Tequila.”

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