Suburgent and 10 To Go are back

There’s finally some news from the Leeuwarden punk rock bands Suburgent and 10 To Go! In September of last year 10 To Go bass player Wytze de Jong decided to split with the band due to his ambition of becoming a professional judoist and participating at the Olympic Games of 2016. Good luck, dude!

Willem (also active as the vocalist in Shit Hits The Fan) left Suburgent in December. After playing two final shows with Blowfuse, the band was looking for a new singer. Well, the choice was pretty easy to make! Pieter from 10 To Go now also has vocal duties in Suburgent and Jildert, who joined Suburgent as a bass player three months ago, is now also member of 10 To Go. The latter band released their second full-length album “Back On Track” in June of 2014. They are currently working on new music and shows.

Suburgent will hit the studio tomorrow to record a new song called “No Straight Ankles”. And yes, the name’s a parody on No Fun At All‘s album “No Straight Angles”. Keep an eye out for this track as it will definitely grind your gears. Good things are coming your way, that’s for sure!