Brat Pack – Stupidity Returns CD

Brat Pack – “Stupidity Returns” CD


Artist: Brat Pack
Title: Stupidity Returns
Label: Shield Recordings
Release year: 2011
Packaging: Digipack

01. Much Like Gravity
02. Safe And Sound
03. Radical Development
04. Nothing To Hide
05. Church Of Abuse
06. Family Man (Intro)
07. Family Man
08. Delusional
09. Crisis
10. Stupidity Won
11. Mall Rats

“Ever since their 2006 demo this Dutch band has been hailed as the successors of famous Californian punk bands like RKL and early NOFX. Though these comparisons can be still rightfully made, ‘Stupidity Returns’ gives Brat Pack a more mature sound of their own. Let’s face it, if ‘Stupidity Returns’ was a record released by an American band in the eighties, everyone would by now see it as a classic record that combined the best elements of hardcore and punk. The fact the record is released in 2011 by a Dutch band doesn’t make it less good.”

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