Status updates!

Today is the release day of Sidewalk‘s new EP ‘Back To The Start’! The EP is available on CD and can be purchased at the Morning Wood Store from now. We also released ‘Back To The Start’ digitally, which means you can stream and download the tracks on practically every platform out there. Get psyched!

Furthermore 95-C are releasing their full-length album ‘Homeward Bound’ this month. The record will be available on CD and 12″ vinyl. Both will be up in the store on September 15th, the same day 95-C are going to play the Dutch release show in Leeuwarden. We heard there were some issues at the factory, so fingers crossed that the stuff will be here in time.

And last but not least a little something about Hoist The Colours from Groningen, The Netherlands! Their split CD with UK punk rockers ASBO Peepshow will be our next release. We only heard one track from Hoist The Colours yet, but we can assure you it will rock your socks off. Coming out this fall! More info soon.